Indie Screenings

Welcome to the future of film distribution

Indie Screenings is a cunning website which allows anyone anywhere to organise their own screening of certain independent films - and to keep the cash for their own campaign or pocket. By cutting out the middlemen, Indie Screenings gives the filmmakers a far larger slice of the pie, thereby helping them not end up on the streets.

Indie Screenings was invented by Spanner Films, coded by Torchbox - and launched with a bang in May 2009, with Franny Armstrong's climate blockbuster The Age of Stupid. Since then, Stupid has been screened 1515 times, generating more than £110,000 for the filmmakers and many thousands more for the people who organised the screenings.

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1. Screen a Good Film

24th March: We've hooked up with the Channel 4 Britdoc Foundation to launch Good Screenings. A hand-picked selection of the very best social justice documentaries - including The Age of Stupid, The Yes Men, End of the Line, McLibel and Heavy Load - for you to screen in your school, church, pub, workplace or scout hut. Head over to the Good Screenings website to get started.

Good Screenings - click to book now

2. Distribute Your Own Indie Film

In September 2010, Indie Screenings is launching its white label software which will let any filmmaker anywhere in the world distribute their film via local screenings, DVD, download and pay-per-view. Viva la revolution. Sign up to the Indie Screenings mailing list to keep in touch with developments or contact us at

1. Book; 2. Get DVD in the post; 3. Screen the film; 4. Make a profit